Limited Tort & Injury Law Attorneys

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Legal information regarding injury law becomes complicated, especially when there’s need for the help of our partners, the tort lawyers out of PA. This is where we shine in cases of injury.

Tort law within this practice is not limited to full tort, but we also work with limited tort cases which have resulted in serious injury. In most cases where there is any professional witness from the medical community who can prove that you’ve had some serious dismemberment or been hurt to the point of impairing your ability to live life as you used to, whether in work, school, home life or any other aspect of your life, then we probably have a case. The law is on your side contrary to what the insurance companies claim, or a bad faith insurance company claim.

Gaining the testimony of credible witnesses greatly increases the chances of winning a case, so you must be able to prove there is damage that has altered your life. If this is the case, then give us a ring at (406) 755-3233

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